Simple, secure & anonymous online voting & elections


The intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone to create & manage an online vote.


Protected access & 256-bit encryption of all data ensures your online vote is kept private & secure.


Give your voters peace of mind knowing they can vote online anonymously & confidentially.


With rapid email support, our expert staff are ready & available to assist both you & your voters

Intuitive features, powerful results

  • Simple step-by-step process to guide you swiftly through the creation of your online poll, election or survey.
  • Customizable email notifications allow you to communicate easily to your voters throughout the voting period.
  • Advanced analytics provide you with powerful insight while ensuring voters’ anonymity.
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How it works

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Using the easy step-by-step wizard, create & configure your vote to your specific requirements & upload your voter list. Upon upload, VotesHub assigns each voter a unique voter authentication. Once you’ve made payment, your online vote is ready to go. Learn more

VotesHub Setup

Your vote will open at its scheduled time automatically. Using the URL & unique voter authentication provided to voters via email notification, voters can anonymously cast their vote. Once they have voted, the response is encrypted and their unique voter authentication is blocked from accessing the ballot again.

Results are automatically tallied on the real-time dashboard. Once the vote has closed, your Certificate of Result is available to download from the dashboard. If you conduct a survey, you will be able to download the data in excel format.

Powered by Cirrena IVS

Powered by Cirrena IVS

Using the Cirrena IVS (a fully managed premium online vote provider) core technology, we guarantee the highest level of security & vote integrity. Cirrena IVS technology has been managing votes online since 2011, has a large client base & is a trusted & proven software solution.

If you need a special assistance with your voting service, please contact us today to see how we can help.

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